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Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valves
Value Valve’s VF-87 (150#) and VF-88 (300#) Series Triple Offset, High Temperature Butterfly Valves are used in the most demanding services. Featuring a TRUE Metal Seat that is excellent for Abrasive Services to 600C or 1100F, our Metal Inclined Cone Seat Design is not susceptible to seat “Wash Out” common in laminated seat designs. For this reason our Class V shutoff (Equal to Gate Valve Class .000005% of Cv)  is consistent throughout the life of the valve.
For those applications where bubble tight shutoff is a requirement, Value Valve now offers a Graphite Laminated Triple Eccentric seat, featuring all the benefits of the Triple Offset design, with the shutoff characteristics of a soft seated High Performance butterfly valve.
Both styles, metal seated and soft seated, are  available in Wafer Style, Lug Style and Flanged Style  which is often used to be a direct replacement for Gate valves.


Value Valve Butterfly Valves



Serving Distributors, Resellers and OEM’s

BVC offers an extensive Grapevine inventory of most products including Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves, 1.5” through 36.0”, Teflon Seated Butterfly Valves 1.5” through 24.0”, High Performance Butterfly Valves 2.5” through 12.0”, AWWA Butterfly Valves 3.0” through 36.0”, Pneumatic Rack and Pinion Actuators through 50,000 in lbs, Electric Rotary Actuators through 30,000 in lbs, Automated Resilient Seated Butterfly Valves and Automated High Performance Butterfly Valves. All of these, as well as additional sizes and styles are available from the factory and are available for drop shipment to your domestic or international customers. One of the premier products Value Valves offers, and the largest segment of their business, is the Triple Eccentric Metal Seated Butterfly Valve, with or without special Extended Stems and Heat Dissipating Fins.

Butterfly Valves and Controls Inc. has been the Exclusive Agent and Master Stocking Distributor for Value Valves - Taiwan since 1999, and have over the years grown to respect the excellent quality and workmanship they offer. Communication on sales and service is superior, offering the customer responsive lead times and project quotations.

We are dedicated to exclusively serving the Distributor, the Reseller, and the Qualified O.E.M, keeping our overhead low, our expertise high, and our service superior, thus making our product offering technically attractive and very competitive to our partners.

Areas / Industries Serviced:
Gulf Coast, East Coast, West Coast, Mid West, South West, South America, Puerto Rico, Canada, South East, North West, Shipbuilding, Petrochemical, OEM, Water and Wastewater, Off Shore, HVAC, Oil and Gas, Refineries, Pipeline, Semiconductor, Food Processing, Pneumatic Conveying,



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